Brad Nottingham Prison Testimony - June 2016 Newsletter

by Brad Nottingham  

Forerunner Ministries International has an evangelistic prison ministry and we have been teaching prophetic revelatory teachings in the prisons, and I would like to share a testimony with you. When one of our sisters was in the woman’s prison teaching on the tabernacle, she noticed a young lady crying the whole time she was teaching. When the sister was finished with her teaching, the young lady who was crying came up to her and told her that the week before she had an angelic visitation in her cell. The angel was teaching her about the tabernacle, the same teaching she heard this day. The young lady asked the angel what his name was, and he told her his name is John the Revelator.

This is a wonderful testimony of our FATHER sending a messenger to reveal HIS hidden understanding to a young saint who was seeking and searching to know more of YAHWEY. We have also received these letters from other woman in prison, and we want to share them with you. We are praising our FATHER and the HOLY SPIRIT for choosing us to be a part of the out-pouring of HIS glory, to see it manifest here on Earth. Saints, we are living in a time when we need to get serious about knowing who we are in YAHSHUA, knowing we are a generation of High Priests, and receiving what has been pre-ordained to take place on Earth from before the creation of all things. We at Forerunner Ministries would like to thank Apostle Michael Petro, a messenger for the kingdom release, for his diligent service and dedication to release an end time revelation for all to hear.

We have a prophetic School of the Prophet and MP3 teachings on our website, so please visit us at and come be a part of the biggest move YAHWEY HAS DONE ON EARTH EVER.


Shalom Blessings, Brad


Lynn's First Letter

Dearest Sister,

O boy how thankful me and my roommate are for you! We got the CD’s (7) and O boy we are trembling and crying and laughing and just feeling like we’ve been fed for the 1st time. O sis how do I thank you. When the CD’s came yesterday I begged to borrow a CD player, my roommate did the same. So I gave her 2 of them to listen to and I started on 1 and oh my goodness the revelations started falling like rain on us both. I actually was trembling at some parts and she was crying.

We needed this so so bad. She is so touched, we both are just blown away by the teaching. We will study these 7 over and over, then we will begin to pass them around. She is writing her family to order their own CD’s.

Ilona we feel like you came along with these CD’s at the very moment we were starving and thirsting for the revelations. I am going to get these CD’s around to many girls after me and roommates have soaked them in. Sister THANK U, THANK U, THANK U. I felt like I was perishing before the CD’s came. She did too. We all needed Pastor’s teaching so bad. I claim him for my Pastor now! Haha.

Are you really sending me a CD player too? O sis thank you so much. I cant borrow this one again. You know people DO NOT LIKE  to share in here. So sister thank you from me and all my roommates with all our hearts. I’ll write when CD player comes.

Love you so much, Lynn

Lynn's Second Letter

Dear Sis,

I am thinking so much about you today. I am listening to Pastor at this very moment. I love his teaching and listen to them over and over. How can I ever thank you? And O’ sister I thank you so so much for the CD player. You don't know how much you have blessed me Ilona with this gift. I love it so much and needed it so much. I just hope it was not a hardship for you, but I bet it was. I am so sorry if it was.

Please write me because I know so much is going on in the spiritual realm. I know that you make sure I know about it. I love you and thank you sister so, so much. You have blessed me so much.

My baby is still in the drug rehab, but is almost done. Vickie has set her bedroom in her house so she will be staying with Mom and Vickie. So thank you so much SIs for your prayers. We are so thankful for them.

Sis, I am listening to Pastor as I write you now. What do you think is gonna happen this fall. We know the Lord is gonna do something on these upcoming Fall Feasts. What do you and Pastor think it will be? I can’t wait to hear what you write back.

I love you and all of Forerunner Ministry and Pastor Mike. Thank you for all for being my church. I think about you Sister so often. I’d call but dat want to call collect and its only way to call here. Have to get this in mail. I love you.

Sister Lynn

Lynn's Third Letter

Dear Sis,

I just wrote you yesterday and I said I did not get the CD player yet well, I got it! Yes this morning, O sis it is so nice. How do I say thank you. Thank you IIona with all my heart. O I hope and pray it was not a hardship to send me. If so, I am so sorry Sister.

Well, we have a waiting line now of girls who want to borrow the CD’s, but me and my roommates want to study them really well before we loan them to anyone. One roommate is so excited over them she is writing you and Pastor and has wrote her friends about Pastor. Oh, I told you that I’ve adopted him for my Pastor too. HaHa :). O Sis you have given me so so much with the CD’s and Player. I can't believe Im finally hearing Pastor’s teachings instead of reading them. I love you Sister, I’ll write more later. I love you and thank you so so much. Write me and tell me everything going on. Love you, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!

Delina's Letter

Dearest Ilona!

Hello! My prayer is so full of thankfulness to our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST for your steadfast peace, strength through any and all storms and as these days continue to create chaos all around us, you are filled in wisdom and truth, thank you for serving our LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, EL SHADDAI! I am well, there are so many ways these devotional CD’s, no scratch that, these promises of truth are casting light into this dark world. Ohhhh wait let me introduce myself so that you know who to pray for. My name is Delina Williams and I am Lynn’s Sister in CHRIST here in room 3. I feel Pastor Mike’s anointing through the CD’s and as tears fall down I am even so blessed to shed more of the corruption that once embraced my entire being. THANK YOU for all of the truth you send us so that we here who LOVE THE TRUTH are able to cast our nets out and retrieve fellow heirs. Please let the congregation know that every AMEN! and PRAISE GOD! they shout out is a blessing to my ears and a song to my spirit. I look forward to more and more revelatory shouts of glory from you all. Please know that your love for us is evident in the message GOD ALMIGHTY sends through Pastor Mike and his sharing of the glories he has witnessed. In short, I want to thank you for your love of GOD and bringing Pastor Mike into my life.

In Christ, Delina Williams