Brad Nottingham Spring 2016 India Conference Testimony - May 2016 Newsletter

Greetings Saints! It’s a pleasure and honor to write this newsletter sharing what YAHWEH is doing in the Earth. I would like all of you to take a minute and realize what is going on in the spiritual realm. As HOLY SCRIPTURE states, there will be an appointed time when “the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea” (Hab 2). Jesus will return to claim the earth and use the remnant to restore everything to its original state and restore us to the glorified body that we originally had in the beginning of creation. According to prophecies, we are the chosen generation to be set apart and used is this final move of YAHWEH.

We are hearing of many moves of YAHWEH and outbreaks of the HOLY SPIRIT across the earth. I would like to share with you a powerful testimony I witnessed while in India with revivalist Michael Petro. We were invited to different cities in southern India such as Muttam, Nagercoil, and Tamilnadu where Prophet Thomas Cherian’s had a three day Exousia Conference. Pastor Thomas is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Divine Ministries in India and around the world. He has been in ministry since 1984, planting churches and ministering in multiple nations. Since a young age, Prophet Thomas Cherian held the gifting of the spirit of prophecy. Cherian is a lot like the prophetic, healing revivalist from the 1950’s, William Branham. The Lord speaks mightily through him about people’s names, numbers, addresses and their ungodliness. Pastor Thomas is definitely one of the most accurate prophets of our time.

Our brothers in India picked up me and Pastor Mike from the airport and rushed us straight to the conference. There were a little more than seven hundred people in attendance. Pastor Michael spoke for approximately two hours about the revelation of the time we are in. This was the first time the Indian people heard the teaching. That night we saw many people healed and delivered from spirits of infirmities and oppression. Many Indians came forward to share their healings with us.

On the second day, we arrived to the conference and the meeting was full again of those traveling many hours to be at the meeting after hearing about the night before. The HOLY SPIRIT moved randomly amongst the people and the Spirit began to touch people setting them free.

After the conference, Pastor Thomas Cherian came to us and explained that seventy to eighty percent of the people were Hindus or Muslims. He also shared how they were touched by the HOLY SPIRIT, making it known to ALL that they converted to JESUS because of the miraculous signs and teaching of what they heard and witnessed that day.

The next day Pastor Thomas was performing baptisms, and it was a powerful move of Yah. As I saw this, I was so thankful for having seen the HOLY SPIRIT’s faithfulness and diligence to manifest the GLORY of the Kingdom here on earth among these people. The HOLY SPIRIT definitely prepared these people for a relationship with Jesus.

We are a chosen generation, and we have an inheritance waiting for us. It’s in the SCRIPTURES. To be a part of this supernatural manifestation is really a-once-in-a-lifetime experience. Our Lord’s eternal salvation is happening here and now.

I realized the people in India are hungry for Jesus and knowing him personally as their Lord and Savior. They are willing to give up their worldly desires in exchange for our HEAVENLY FATHER’S desire for them. I personally witnessed the fruit of this move in India.

The three-day conference confirmed the move of GOD coming to India. The people testified of healings, miracles, and the glory of God that they never felt before.

Pastor Thomas and others also prophesied that India would witness revival when Apostle Petro visits India. It has started and I witnessed the outbreak of the supernatural manifestations of the Power of God.

A few weeks before we came to India, a blind woman came to Pastor Thomas for prayer. While he was praying for her, she shared with Pastor about a white man named Michael that will come to India and God would use him to bring the revival to India one so powerful that it has never seen before. There were other local people testifying they were certain that this outbreak of the HOLY SPIRIT is the beginning of a massive revival in India. The HOLY SPIRIT is moving, saints.

The last day at the conference, we were blessed by having a Sunday service at Pastor Thomas Cherian’s home church. There were approximately five hundred people there. Pastor Petro spoke about the seed, the seed being the Word of God, and touched all in attendance. The worship was incredible as we ushered in the presence of the HOLY SPIRIT and Jesus. As I began to worship, I realized that these saints that live over four thousand miles away from us, worship and praise our HEAVENLY FATHER with love and passion as we do. They have the desire to be in HIS presence the same way we do. It touched my heart to be with saints that have a like mind and to be able to worship with them.

This year, Pastor Thomas will be with us June or July in Victorville, California. Cherian has also invited Apostle Michael Petro to come back to India for another revival stadium meeting sometime this year. We are looking forward to going back to be with the local saints in India.

If you want to experience this spiritual renewal, we would like to invite you to be with us. Our ecclesia is a family that is truly pressing in to be used for this next move here on earth. This season is a wonderful season to be in and we do not want anyone to miss what YAHWEH has for him or her. Get involved; be a part of your inheritance that is waiting for you. Join us at Forerunner Ministries International and come be a part of the greatest move that God will do on HIS earth.

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