Artist Alice Padilla Biography - May 2016 Newsletter

I grew up church hopping with my mom and two older sisters. She was Catholic, but my dad was a Methodist Christian. Having parents with different beliefs caused so much friction in our family. My mother passed away when I was 8 years old. My sisters and I were put in foster care shortly after her death. I lost all faith in God for years. My father wasn't able to take care of us and no one in my dad's family wanted me and my sisters, because my mother was a Catholic. So I became bitter with hatred toward Christians and Christianity. I became addicted to drugs, alcohol, and smoking.

I took art classes all 4 years of high school, and it was my only way of release. I attended Art Institute for a short time, but my addiction got worse and so I dropped out. I then got pregnant at the age of 19 and gave birth to my oldest son. I went to rehab, cleaned my self up for 19 months, but then relapsed. Through a friend in the program I meet my husband, not knowing he was Christian and a pastor's kid because he was also in the world (drugs, drinking). A few months later I began to experience demonic encounters more than usual and more intense than I had growing up.

I went through deliverance shortly after and gave my life to Christ, but I still did drugs, drank and my family and my marriage were falling apart. We weren't happy with life. I began to paint prophetically, I would paint visions that would pertain to what the pastor was teaching on without knowing what he was teaching beforehand. I painted things but didn’t understand the symbolism of what they meant. Things changed when I joined Forerunner Ministries. As I began to learn the mysteries and hidden things of God, I understood the symbolism and I began to paint them. I began to understand and appreciate the gift God gave me. I've only been in the ministry for 14 months, and I’ve been healed from dyslexia, heart problems, been delivered from my addictions and suicidal tendencies. My marriage and my family have been restored. That's just to name a few things that my family and I have been set free from. It is the revelation that has set me free. John 8:32 “and the truth shall set you free.”

The more I fast, pray, read early church fathers, and dig out scripture, the more I begin to understand God's hidden language. I get more visions and dreams that I can interpret and understand what the Father is saying. These aren’t just paintings; they’re prophetic acts, bringing what is hidden to a manifestation.


Alice Padilla




"Lampstand" by Alice Padilla This tree was my first prophetic painting. The vision I received for this painting just said so much. To really appreciate this vision, you must have revelation and understand symbolism. This I obtained by learning from an Apostle who teaches the revelation and studying. The tree is not just any tree it’s a picture of a people (the church, Rev 1:20), it’s the Menorah. It's covered in gold that represents wisdom. To the Jews the pomegranates represent the 613 Mitzvots (commandments), and the leaves are for the healing of the nations. So it’s the church that carries the light by right understanding (righteousness) of Torah and gains wisdom to bring healing or restoration to the world. There are twelve pomegranates to represent that right understanding of Torah that can only be obtained through apostolic teaching.