AAREN'S TESTIMONY - April 2016 Newsletter

Hello again brother Brad, I forgot to say as well a few weeks back. The children’s mom was walking downstairs and dropped, she felt a lot of pain in her back but I just said you got to soldier it out. Then a few days later it was still hurting her a lot and she said she felt like she had fractured it. I said na you’re ok, and said why don't I just pray for you. I prayed for her and the pain went away so she could sit down properly. A few days after she had to go for a scan for baby in her belly. They scanned her back and said it was fractured but said you shouldn't be able to walk, so we was like, "Well thank God and bless Him for that." They said her blood sugars low so she has to go doctors, so 2 days later she went doctors and they said your blood sugars too low and your back is fractured so we want to pump you with medical stuff in 2 days’ time, but she didn't want it. So in 2 days’ time she goes back and they scan her back and its fully healed just bruised and her blood sugars come back to normal level.  The doctors asked did she have or do any of the things they asked her to do, she said, "NO God healed me." Just thought to let you know of the miracle God had done for us. Also just a few hours ago, her hip came out of place, but it's been in and out of place here and there since 2 1/2 years now and she got prayed for before but later on it came out of place again roughly a year back and even a few months back it came out of place. But when it came out of place today as she walking upstairs, she just said God can you heal my hip and she heard a click and the pain and everything just went Praise God. Scripture is slowly opening up more for me as well now. Like I realized that Eve being pulled out of Adam's side is the same as us coming out the church and how Yeshua being on the cross when He got pierced in His side after He gave up the Ghost was the same as Adam being in a deep sleep. Also not fully sure yet but going to see and dig out if the 10 plagues on Egypt is the 10 commandments as well, but also going to keep going through SOTP as well.

Shalom and blessings. The miracles and changes happening I know are because of the Spiritual Revelation from God from the teachings given through His Apostle Michael Petro. So thank you to you all once again.


Blessings and Shalom brother to you all in Forerunners from Aaren, Samuel, Dezyer, Noah, Adam, Ezra, Nadine & Asrel!

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