THE SEASON OF FIRE by Michael Petro - March 2016 Newsletter

Many different things are breaking at different levels in many areas of the world. I’ve been at different revivals, but it seems that they haven’t caught up to the Toronto or Pensacola moves yet, but it could be an escalation of the move of God. But I know that last Sunday in the Victorville meeting was an incredible anointing and presence of the LORD. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that intensity and many people said that also felt a reverence or fear. I know that when you feel that intense presence or fear, it’s a sign that the Glory of the LORD is extremely close to coming in. When the Glory realm is released, it's different than the anointing. There is a reverence and fear because the glory carries the manifested presence of the LORD. It seemed that everyone in the meeting was reacting in some type of way. Some were travailing, others were crying, and some were laughing, but without doubt, there was an intense atmosphere unlike any other time in my ministry of 20 years.

There was a point in the meetings that I began to see beyond the veil and recognized angels in the meeting. I could see the cherubim and the seraphim in the room. As they walked by the people, those people would begin to shake. I was surprised to see that as they walked by the people and the people didn’t react to their presence, they would look at me like, "why don’t they recognize our presence?" I felt they were bringing gifts for the body of Christ. But as soon as I told the saints what was happening they were shocked and many were touched by those angels.

I feel we are very close to the glory hitting in a way that has never been seen. I think that what is shortly coming will be a realm behind the veil that has never been seen or heard. As I started to listen Sunday, I could hear voices and I knew they were from the throne room. So I had one of the worship team members sing that, and the anointing began to raise fast. This is another part of the season we are coming into, and we need to hear DAD’s voice clearly and speak it quickly. If not we could miss a great opportunity for HIS glory to be seen.

Every week there has been an escalation of the presence in the house. Two pastors that recently came to visit us told me the same thing they noticed the difference from one week to the next. These men are well known in their circles and were amazed at the level of the presence of the LORD. My heart is to see this next season of the church come into the Glory that Jesus and His sons will inherit.

See you in the Glory,