Pastor David Chun Interview - August 2016 Newsletter

An interview with Pastor David Chun by Brittany Salsberry rsz_pastordavidktPastor David is a Korean pastor ordained in 1989 by the Presbyterian Church in Korea. In 1990, he planted the Kumjeong Central Church serving as the Senior Pastor until his move to the United States in December of 1997. During Pastor David’s time in Korea, he participated in about forty short-term mission field trips. He would bring local church leaders to plant and build churches in Myanmar (Burma). A total of forty churches altogether were established. He has also led more than fifty revival conferences in Korea, as well as other countries such as Myanmar, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Pastor David received a Doctorate of Missiology from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California in 2003. He has been married to his wife Sara for the past thirty-six years and has three beautiful daughters and two grandsons.

One of the most radical supernatural experiences Pastor David has encountered that drastically changed his life and his ministry occurred in August of 2005.

He explains during his time of waiting on the Lord for forty-five days, he felt the supernatural fire of Yahweh fall on him twice in a seven-day period as he fasted, eating only one meal a day and seeking God's will for his final mission. The first experience felt like a bullet hit his right knee, and the second encounter felt like a missile hit that exact same knee.

After this intense engagement with Yehovah, the Lord started to pour out over five thousand dreams and visions to Pastor David. Overall he received three dreams and visions a day over a four-and-a-half-year time period. Through these incidents he believed the Father was correcting him and teaching him. He also started to see the Lord impart through him powerful physical healings, inner healings, spiritual dreams and visions.

In June 2008, he established his church in Los Angeles, California. Pastor David then began to connect with other Christian pastors and leaders to put together local stadium gatherings. This turned into Chun becoming the coordinator for gathering Korean churches at all the meetings.

At one gathering, the Lord used him to gather one hundred and sixty Korean churches. Approximately twelve thousand Koreans came to this stadium meeting held at the Pasadena Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA on November 11, 2011 to pray and intercede for California.

Recently on April 9, 2016, he gathered one hundred and ten Korean pastors and several thousand Korean intercessors.

As a whole, Pastor David has had the opportunity to gather Koreans eight times to large stadium assemblies. However, at this stage in his life he believes El Elyon is sending him to Korea for restoration of the Korean church.

Since 2013 God has sent him to Korea on numerous occasions, two times with Pastor Michael. In Korea, he creates prayer gatherings for believers leading them into repentance, healing, and an awakening of what Yahweh is doing right now.

This year in 2016, Pastor David will go to Korea every two months to visit Seoul, Incheon, and other cities in Korea for revival meetings.

His mission is for the whole body of the Korean Church to be restored, and he has selflessly dedicated his life to praying for this manifestation for the past thirty years.

He says the fire of God, the glory of God, and the power of God can do this.

In his recent trip to Korea in July 2016, Pastor David shared how he experienced a Parousia. This is the Greek word G3952 meaning the appearing of Christ in the natural and spiritual, a Yahushua presence.

Pastor David shared that every person in the meeting was crying out in total repentance. They felt electricity and vibrations as they trembled on the ground feeling fire on their bodies. The Koreans also told him how they felt the heaviness on their shoulder and arms, a manifestation of God's glory Pastor David explains.

“God is purifying,” Pastor Chun stated.

Pastor David has a firm belief his final mission is to minister to other ministers of God and to help restore the whole body of the Korean church.

He will be leaving to Korea again in September and November of this year. He’s expecting to see many Koreans cry out and come to penitence.

Pastor David also believes we are on the verge of the glory of Yah. He expects to see it in 2017.

After a 2014 prayer gathering, Pastor Michael and Pastor David decided to come together and hold Revival Glory meetings to prepare the saints for the coming end time move of God. God showed them to partner together even though they hold different cultural backgrounds and theological perspectives.

Pastor David since then has come to a deeper understanding of the importance of the Hebrew mindset and language, as well as the understanding of the hidden wisdom and secrets found in the Torah through Pastor Michael's revelatory teachings of the Holy Scriptures.

We want to thank the Holy Spirit for joining Pastor Chun with Forerunner Ministries.

Apostle Michael has been holding meetings every Saturday night in Los Angeles with Pastor David. In these meetings the Ruach is reaching out to a diverse community who desire the hidden secrets and mysteries of our Heavenly Father, the true revelation of Yeshua while being imparted with end time prophetic revelations. There have been many lives transformed at these meetings and we expect to see YHVH continue to minister through Apostle Michael and Pastor David. We invite you to come every Saturday at Pastor David’s Church in Los Angeles or online through a live stream of our services at

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