"We Have Been Lied To!" by Pastor Juanita Bequeath

WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO! We have been lied to. The American church has been lied to. Our good religious denominations that we thought had the Truth of the Word of God have been lying to us to keep us from all that Yeshua (Jesus) came to give us.

Yeshua did not come so that we can say a sinner’s prayer, in this world live a prosperous life, and die and go to heaven. He came to deliver us from this present state of corruption and restore us to the state of Adam before the fall. We are all Adam. We were all created originally as a son of God, but there was a tearing, a breach, that caused us to fall from being an eternal being to being a finite being. The spiritual in Adam died and all that was left in Eve (fallen Adam) is a soulish nature that can never get back to God without the Spiritual.

Yeshua came to explain the Torah to us, for he is the Torah. God’s plan is hidden in the Torah just like it was hidden in the parables. It had to be hidden because if all we see is the natural we will never change. It is the revelation from the Holy Spirit that changes us not the “dead letter” or natural understanding. (Rom 7:6). Every time the Holy Spirit reveals more to us we change. We get more of Yeshua “formed in us”. The natural image of him has to go away so that the spiritual can come forth. (Gal 4:19)

In Jewish law there is a policy to deal with the death of a brother in the family. It is called Yibum (Deut 25:5). Basically because it is a good family and the widow wants to stay in the family she marries another brother whose first child is considered given over to the dead brother and raised up to the widow of the one that died. That is what Yeshua did. He came to repair the breach, He came to raise up a son to Adam. We are that son. But the only way for us to stay in God’s family is us to marry Yeshua.

When you accepted Yeshua as your Savior all you were doing is saying “I want to marry you”. It was the wedding. You were given the Holy Spirit as a protective covering and teacher so that you can now come into consummation. If you now don’t get the SPIRITUAL word inside you there will never be a birthing of that Spiritual Son that is the promise. The promise is the PROMISE LAND. Not a natural Israel, but a restored SPIRITUAL ISRAEL. Israel is us. Israel is the overcomer. The name Israel in Hebrew means, “To rule with God”. The Promised Land is really us giving birth to our glorified body. It is us coming back to the beginning, back to Adam before the breach. Abraham may be the father of natural Israel, but he is also the Father of Faith. Natural Israel is a similitude, a type or shadow of the real thing; Spiritual Israel. The real promise is that he is the Father of Spiritual Israel which all of us can be a part of.

Religion will tell you that you can never be equal to God, that you are just a creation. It will tell you that God just wants you to believe on Jesus (basically that he exists though they will say it is more than that). It will say just to trust Him, to feel his presence every day (which is good), make sure your sins are forgiven, and you are good to go. It basically tells you that all you need is to know Yeshua’s literal Word that gets rid of your sin nature, and his sacrifice that forgives your sin. Many Christians know the literal Bible or at least the New Testament so much that they feel they know it all during sermons. Many are asleep to the Spiritual Word because they have never heard it, or heard it so seldem. To be asleep is spiritual death. The parable of the wise and foolish virgins is about the church in our age. They were ALL asleep until the Word from the Father’s messengers woke them up. The Christian church in our day is living in the outer court of the Tabernacle. All they have is the brazen alter and the brazen laver. It is Yeshua’s sacrifice for you. But the Tabernacle was given as a picture of how we need to come into marriage. Those that only have the outer court understanding are still babies, and when their lifeline of the Holy Spirit is taken away (which is when darkness comes and no man can work) they are not going to be able to live on their own. They have never consummated the marriage, they have never had Yeshua formed in them, and they will never give birth to their glorified body. In Revelations it says, measure the tabernacle and cut off the outer court. (Revelations 11:1-2). Ha Satan (Lucifer) has been around a long time. He knows what he is doing. His temple is religion. Religion is the Anti-Christ spirit that has been with us through the ages. It is a form of godliness that denies the power thereof. It is a system that keeps everything in the natural except for feelings. Feelings are considered spiritual. It has its own Jezebel prophets that have never gotten a spiritual seed in their lives and if you get to the bottom of it have as their focus money. For they think that the best thing in this world is money, for us, for them for everybody, so that is what they concentrate on. It’s true - in the natural you can’t do anything without money. But money will NEVER deliver you from the natural. Matter of fact, it will hold you to the natural. Revelation of Yeshua is SPIRITUAL MONEY.

Yeshua said, You must worship God in Spirit and in Truth. You must get His Spiritual seed inside of you. In the parable of the sower, Yeshua explains that the seed is the Word. A seed has a natural coat and and spiritual life inside. It is the same with the Word. There is a natural outside and a spiritual inside. The life is in the INSIDE. The life comes forth when watered by the Holy Spirit. The life is what Yeshua was filled with. That is why he resurrected…. Because he had that life inside of HIM. He came to show us that the same way he overcame death and became an overcomer, we can overcome death and become an overcomer. He came to give us that Spiritual Seed that will bring us into real life…. That will rejoin us to our Father El Elyon, GOD MOST HIGH. He came that we might be true SONS OF GOD.